Monday, April 6, 2009

The chatter and laughter subside as a sense of calm and quiet settles upon the group. Instructor Kelley Annese encourages everyone to relax and breathe deeply. Another weekly Front Porch yoga class in Lynn has begun.

Kelley has been teaching yoga at both Front Porch sites since last fall. Those who have dared to try the classes, despite yoga's youthful image, have learned that one doesn't have to twist oneself up like a pretzel to be able to benefit from yoga. Kelley is a master at adapting poses so that everyone can participate, and encourages each of her students to "listen to your body". She obtains health information from each student prior to their start in the class so she can be aware of any health concerns that could impact upon their participation.
Kelley is also integrating more Russian words into her instructons, as she learns them from her students, the majority of whom are from the Former Soviet Union. She also provides education about yoga's benefits such as increased concentration and memory, increased strength and improved posture. Smiles and looks of intense concentration as well as relaxation are visible as everyone follows the instructions.
Soon after the chime signals the end of the class, the smiles and laughter and chatter in English and Russian resume.