Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's growing!

It's been an eventful week in the garden--

On Monday I happened to see the garden twice in one day with only a few hours between the visits. In the span of just a few hours one little squash seed made incredible growth--early in the afternoon I saw only the ridge of the stalk poking out--a few hours later the leaves were up! Amazing what a little sun and water will do and how much potential is stored within a tiny seed...

Yesterday we planted more tomato plants, as well as some pepper, eggplant and dill plants. The eggplant has a gorgeous purple flower. After having seen some footprints in the soil, we now have netting over the garden bed to try to ward off some of the local critters who might be tempted by something fresh and organic!

We set up a soaker hose and made up a watering schedule--Next week we'll plant the bean seeds which are due to arrive any day now. And then we will water and tend and wait....

Speaking of water--someone gave Liora Kelman a bunch of umbrella hats for us--looks like we're ready for anything now!