Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seagulls and A Cat and More

The cloth and scissors were flying today! As were images of butterflies, seagulls, clouds, laundry, a cat, shoes and much more---We’re continuing to add to the picture of our community with visions of what currently is and fond memories of what was—all the while getting to know each other better. Words in Russian and English continue to be exchanged--butterfly, scissors, welcome…

We also began to plan for a quilt hanging celebration for later this summer—more details to follow.

Next week we’ll finish up the collaborative part of the quilt and then Nancy will continue to work her magic by sewing it all together! We’ll also write up comments from everyone who was involved about our individual squares and the collaborative section of the quilt. The explanations will be included in a booklet to be available near where the quilt will hang.