Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Quilt Takes Shape

We've met twice since my last post about the quilt.  We've each made squares that represent where we've come from and then this past Monday we met again to continue our work. Over the last week Nancy, a very experienced quiltmaker, sewed some of the individual squares that we had made last week. They look great!

We decided to begin work on the middle section which will represent where we are now and what we would like to see in the future. We all had different ideas of what the future holds and it all lead to discussions of what we would like to see
happen in the area over the next few years. As we work we learn more about eachother and where we've come from. 

The main image is of a large house that can contain each 
person's ideas. Around this house will be our visions of the present and future. Naturally the house has a front porch! As each person talks about what she is making and puts it down on the quilt, it influences what others do--truly an evolving piece of work--

Among the images we've included so far are, a bike, candles, a cow, ocean waves, trees, flowers, babies, and of course people. There are people talking and laughing, people enjoying the beautiful weather.

Nancy will take it home again this week to secure what we've done so far and then we'll continue!