Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Of soil and rain and visions of veggies

Next Wednesday we're going to start building our raised garden bed with The Food Project, a wonderful organization that teaches sustainable agriculture to urban youth. After the excitement of our initial planning meeting, during which everyone spoke about what they'd like to plant, we're thrilled to have a date to start. Keith, our wonderful Americorps/VISTA volunteer is working with me on this venture, as well as many other aspects of The Front Porch program.

After receiving our supply list this week we got to work--tracking down fill, lumber and organic soil and compost. The person I reached at the first place I called to try to get some fill, to help with the drainage of the garden bed, chuckled when I told him how much we needed--he said that they supply fill for building roads, not small veggie beds, so the search continued. And then--success. The stones will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully our mathematical calculations were correct and we'll have enough fill for the project.

What with our schedules over the next few days, we decided to head out into the pouring rain today to pick up--24 bags of organic soil and compost. Once you're wet, more rain doesn't matter. 24 bags went into the cars...and 24 bags came out of the cars a few miles down the road--50 pounds each, we were told... but all of that will go into feeding those wonderful veggies and flowers.

We've prepared a list of vegetables in English, Russian and Hebrew so while working on the garden everyone can learn a few words of another language too. Hopefully we'll have a better day weatherwise on our building day!!!

Tomorrow--it's off to the lumber yard and then back to our site to check out the delivery of that ton of stones...

This garden project is made possible through the generosity of the Commonwealth of MA, Congregation Ahabat Sholom, The Food Project and Lynn Lumber.